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Originally posted by Denyer
and it'd be easy to get carried away with just, well, reprinting G2 in full.
Why don't they just do that? I mean, has there really been that much demand for a "Best Of Furman"? I don't do wider comic community much, but is he really known beyond Transformers fandom (and the occasional overlap where he's simply known as a name, say in Doctor Who fandom). It smacks of hoping people pay money for the same old rope because a bit of it's different.

Americans seem to get more nostalgic about the early US comic. They like Don Perlin's art, for one thing -- there's been lots of interest in having him do something for the modern books. (Chalk me down as interested too.)
Which is surely no real reason to simply reprint US issues that are freely avaliable in TPBs (not to mention usually around cover in original issues) with trendy cover art that borders on false advertising? I suspect a lot of Perlin's following is due to him being one of only two US TF pencillers whose work is worth a damn... the man was far too reliant on the quality of his inkers.

The selection criteria seems to be stories that a) can be reprinted without any legal query from Marvel, and b) stuff the people choosing like, which has thus far included a lot of unashamed cheese.
Well, legal-wise it's basically anything which doesn't feature Death's Head, G. I. Joe/Action Force/G. I. Joe - The Action Force/Joe Force - G. I. Action/Action Joe - Force G.I. or Spider-Man... that eliminates, what, a dozen stories at the most? And as for chosen, I'm 99% certain that a Titan-era Furman decreed at a convention that nothing pre-Icarus would be reprinted due to its' low quality (which was a nice kick in the balls for Steve Parkhouse as well). And now, suddenly, it's his favourite UK 2-parter because there's a potentially lucrative TPB release in the offing?


My first thought also. It's hard to see Wrath being printed by Titan if the surrounding material wasn't, but I suppose it's also hard to see there being a big interest in it except in the context of a larger collection -- something interesting about these picks is that several have recaps tying them into the TF chronology as whole, such as "Prime captive of Shockwave" and Circuit Breaker in this one. Target 2006 has built-in recaps; the picks are as much a guided tour through the chronology as a personal best of... choosing "Fall and Rise..." or similar would jump over there being any early TF story setting.
Sorry, but suggesting there was method to the Titan UK TPBs is a bit mad, what with their ludicrous ordering of the last few colour packages... Furman probably really meant he thought the work wasn't up to scratch, but money's talking, so he's changed his mind, and IDW are behaving like ****s by reprinting it in a TPB when it's tailor made for Generations, especially with a little context intro (do they bother doing this? I've never bought an issue of Generations due to having every single story chosen so far at least three times over, at least once on non-explosive paper). It'd be a nice little sales booster. Doing this shows Generations is a minimal effort, minimal thought, maximum return book.

It still might make a decent Generations issue. The "exclusive" cover art for Infiltrations got a general release.
Yeh, maybe we will see it once the trade's shifted enough copies to make back the investment. Of course, if the trade is a success, we'll probably get The Best Of Simon Furman Vol. 2, with Crisis of Command suddenly re-evaluated and included...

Looks like Raiz, if the placeholder of his art from the Hot Rod spotlight sticks around. Hopefully not, as the image has sweet FA to do with the contents.
Damn. I was hoping for traced cover art of Guzzle, coloured with crayons and screaming "IT NEVER ENDS!!!!!!!!"
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