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Originally posted by Cliffjumper
I'm 99% certain that a Titan-era Furman decreed at a convention that nothing pre-Icarus would be reprinted due to its' low quality (which was a nice kick in the balls for Steve Parkhouse as well). And now, suddenly, it's his favourite UK 2-parter because there's a potentially lucrative TPB release in the offing?
Pre-Dinobot Hunt actually, Icarus is another one for the Best of Da Furman 2. Still, I fully agree this is a cynical money grabing exercise. Well, even more so than usual. Would it really have been so hard to chuck all those ear;y UK strips in one book if Furman's suddenly changed his tune on seeing them again?

If they use the colour version of the B&W stuff I hope they do a better job reproducing it than Paninbi did with the colour version of Crossroads In Time in the Death's Head trade.
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