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Originally posted by Simon Furman
The title of the story was 'Ground Zero.' The cover line was 'Critical Mass'. As an aside, Stan Bush then took the title 'Ground Zero' and turned it into a song for the CD that was an exclusive at 1997's Botcon.

For those who've queried the contents of the 'Best of, er, me' volume, it was a series of hard (and progressively harder) choices, but I wanted a real span (almost from the very beginning to the most recent). It's almost impossible to pick completely stand-alone stories, even 'Out To Lunch' spins directly out of one of Bob's TF stories. And I didn't want to just pick the BIG issues, though US #75 was a bit of a must.

Hopefully, what we have here, is a bit of me from all eras and all publishers (bar Fleetway and Panini), moments I still consider highlights or just remember with great affection (or, like Ground Zero, were pivotal... in that it was first TF work for four or more years and, in a roundabout way, opened the door to animation work).

The inclusion of Wrath of Guardian/Grimlock honestly isn't as cynical as some have seemingly decided. I just wanted an early story, as early as possible, that didn't make me wince. Barry's artwork takes a lot of the credit in that respect.

Overall, this is very much a personal choice, and kudos to IDW for letting me make it, and I can't expect everyone to love every element of it, but I do feel it encompasses highpoints from my entire twenty plus years of TF.



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