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Ooooh, spinny. Though picking a story for a best of that acheives the high benchmark of "an early story that didn't make me wince"...? Is it a Best Of, or a Life and Times of Simon Furman, like one of those ****ty Damned compilations where they only have the rights to one label's work? Will it have a garish, inappropriate shot from a promo shoot which dates from five years after the material within, and will the big hitters like Target: 2006 have "Live at Sheffield Polytechnic" written underneath them, in nigh-unreadable type?

Love the lack of explanation as to why a Generations release for Wrath hasn't been announced; at least the Cure did 'Wrong Number' as a single...

All cribbed from Denyer:

There hasn't been much demand for a live action film featuring characters from the 80s mostly in name, but it seems to be coming out...
No, the brand's general rise in the past few years hasn't made a big-money venture likely at all, has it? Whereas the past few years have seen Furman's stocks drop quite a bit, overall - he's in danger of becoming Transformers' Chris Claremont (and fan reaction to X-Treme was very close to that of Infiltration, incidentally, some seeing it as proof that there was life in the old dog yet, and others as a transparent attempt to copy new trends... not read much response to Escalation as a qualifier, as I'll probably get the TPB).

A taster of stuff that's considered "best" is an entry-point to picking up the other relative high points of the back catalogue.
And surely they're more likely to do this via a complete storyline that's part of a bigger story, rather than from a dozen scattershot issues? In this day and age, surely people can find a better way of sampling the older material than a gab-bag of "sort of Best Of but with an old, currently hard to find story chucked in" TPB?

Having seen his self-inked work recently, this doesn't seem to be the case.
Then the guy should perhaps have self-inked his Marvel work... Perlin's the artist answer to Smelting Pool Syndrome. The guy has talent, no question, but his Transformers output ranged from passable to below-par, with a significant improvment with Akin & Garvey as inkers. The positive response is largely due to, William Johnson aside, he was the only US artist with anything approaching ability to draw Transformers (though seeing Frank Springer on a flat track without a messy, fluctuating set of character models would be interesting).

(Note for audience: C of C was written by Mike Collins.)
Well, credited to him and James Hill (whose State Games badly needs a reprint) - it's always seemed a bit unusual, that, what with C of C being such a 'Furman' story, and it wouldn't surprise me if there was some sort of story to it. Yeh, bad example due to foggy memory. Enemy Within, then (even though it'd never happen as Furman and IDW would both be afraid of vapid pricks laughing at the toy character models).

Wonder how difficult that'd be to do as a mock-up...
Well, I got bored after printing out the box-art myself
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