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A drunken, belated rebuttal...

Originally posted by Denyer
That one. A best, as often remarked, would probably be a hardback volume with G2 1-12 in.
Thwn why aren't they calling it "Some stuff Furman done what we think we can get you to pay for yet again"?

What general rise? I'm only asking 'cause toy sales in general have apparently given way to video games...
C'mon, TF sales have been good enough to sup[port at what wfeels like at least one new line a week.

Didn't Marvel have "production line" -type polices against this? Much as they were extremely anti- full script writing for a long time; the production process was broken down into stages and not much contact was available between them.
Id' guess they re;axed the policy for big guns like Alan Kupperberg , then didn't Geoff ink his US material too? Don;t get me wrong, Perlin's a capable picturist (is thAT A WORD? **** IT COAPS ), but he's Smelting Pool syndrome all over again - a name bigged up fropm the days when the comic sold more than nine copies for people who can't admit that a bunch of limeys did it better, and he's probably in the lower reAches at best of TF comic artists (lesseee... behind Geoff (UKLTIMATE GEOFF), Hitch, Johnson, Raiz, Sullivan, a non-poster Figueroa, Su, Staz, Andy "Andrew" Andy Wildman, Yaniger and Marshall off the top of my missed head) at about a par with the functional but utterly unexciting likes of Jeff Anderson, Frank Springer and Herb Truimpe (the latter two also at the mercy of their inkers; can't be biothered to checkl on Jeffie boy's inking).
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