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The point is that the weapon is a fusion cannon. It uses the same nuclear process as the fusion bomb. The plasma generated is briefly hotter than the surface of the sun. At close enough range (a few miles), this is enough to destroy all known metals. This was demonstrated in atomic tests worldwide since the 1940s. Solid steel objects near test explosions completely disappeared. I repeat, how could Optimus survive a direct hit?

My own explanation is that Transformers have developed radical methods to strengthen metals. Since normal nuclear and chemical processes are insufficient to resist a fusion attack, Transformers would have to use very advanced methods, i.e. use their hyperspace technology to draw extra matter and energy from hyperspace. This extra matter and energy could somehow be used to massively reinforce conventional metals, thus making them incredibly resistant to damage, at least for a short time. If they kept the extra matter and energy too long, it would be too much for them and would do them damage. Imagine if part of your body suddenly became a thousand times heavier or supercharged with power!
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