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Transformers are very high-tech beings - they must be able to manipulate energy fields at great distances. Hence, they can create a 'tunnel' of containing magnetism or whatever for a blast of energy to travel through, all the way to the target or even beyond. We know that they make such things as extremely strong defensive force fields and the more delicate holographic humans.

Fusion blasts are not at light speed but are still at a significant fraction of light speed. Hardly anyone could dodge one because the power and acceleration needed would destroy the would-be dodger! Even if someone did just about dodge the blast, he/she/it would probably be damaged by the side-effects, e.g. the radiation and the electromagnetic pulse. To successfully dodge the fusion blast, it would be best to warp out using teleport technology, assuming one's reaction time was quick enough.

If I was Megatron, I would want a devastating fusion cannon rather than an ordinary laser or missile. I wouldn't use it all the time but I would like something that could blow big holes in virtually anything and have terrible side-effects on the surroundings just to emphasise my power. Great leaders need to carry a very big stick, so to speak, or else they get overthrown.
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