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Originally posted by snavej
Great leaders need to carry a very big stick, so to speak, or else they get overthrown.
Or they put the emphasis of their efforts on defensive tech, and where there's scarcity of materials or components, the leaders and medical forces get them first. Being almost unkillable is more useful than being able to blow more stuff up.

I'd like some in-story explanation for why Prime and Megatron can shrug off blasts that would shred other TFs. If Furman's out there: pretty please?

Reckon it's very likely that Megatron weighs more than any of his underlings, when mass isn't shifted into containment somewhere.

Hardly anyone could dodge one
Characters seem to do so on a frequent basis. We have plenty of evidence that what might at first glance appear to be laser-type beam weapons aren't strictly.

Even if someone did just about dodge the blast, he/she/it would probably be damaged by the side-effects, e.g. the radiation and the electromagnetic pulse.
Again, you're building an argument that Megatron's cannon doesn't produce a directed fusion reaction. It may derive power somewhere internally through one, that's then used, but the blast itself isn't.
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