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Red face New UK Transformers comic (!?)

Hi there. My name is Steve White. I'm going to be editing the new TF comic in the UK, due out from Titan in July to coincide with the movie release. We're working pretty far ahead and what I was hoping for was readers letters/artwork that we can run in the first couple of issues, which will be wrapped before the first one actually hits the streets. Any help gratefully received. Email me at
Part reprint, part original material.
The comic will be mostly movie continuity, serialising the IDW prequel material. However, we will be originating our 10-page strips, written by Si Furman. We have various artists lined up; first issue should see the return of Geoff Senior whose keen to have a go for old time's sake. That's TBC but looks pretty solid.

Seems to be legit -- that is the domain Titan Books use for contact, and it's the same one connected to the account.


Interview with Steve White --


Blog entry from Simon Furman --
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