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Going back to G1, on which Escalation is based, Megatron's cannon is always referred to as a fusion cannon. The fusion reactions occur inside the centre of the cannon, the main blast is channelled out of the barrel and down the 'force field tunnel' to the target. There is usually an emission of waste byproducts from the rear of the cannon, but this is quite weak. I'm not sure what those are but they were usually shown as being rather smoky in G1. They could be radioactive fallout.

In the mid 20th Century, people had seen the power of the atomic bomb and then the H-bomb. They thought that this power was kind of god-like: it could either be used to advance human society or destroy it. This is just the sort of power that Megatron would crave. The H-bomb is pretty hard to control but the fusion cannon is a lot more manageable in comparison

If one looks at the G1 tech specs and also Dreamwave's G1 profile books, Megatron also has the power to control black hole energy for short periods. This is in a whole different league, being much more powerful than nuclear fusion. If he can do this, then making and using a fusion cannon would be relatively simple!
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