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Originally posted by snavej
If one looks at the G1 tech specs and also Dreamwave's G1 profile books, Megatron also has the power to control black hole energy for short periods.
Although IIRC he used it a grand total of once in one Marvel UK story and it almost destroyed everything in the immediate vicinity, himself included. It's shown to be a weapon of either madness or last resort.

It's referred to as a fusion cannon. Nowhere is it shown to do anything but generate explosive energy and project it. For one thing, the energy required to shape a force field would increase exponentially the further the blast travelled.

Modern warfare on Earth shows us that sufficient levels of offensive fighting is the key to victory in war.
Yeah -- kill them before they kill you. Unfortunately humans haven't quite mastered being practically immortal metal beings that can survive being reduced to a head or chip. Though the Cybermen are trying.

Originally posted by tahukanuva
If you're on a battlefield, and you're the guy everyone'll be focusing on, you'd want a weapon that'd be a little more rapid fire
Yup, and he's often been seen in previous continuities firing off short inconsequential bursts, which strongly goes against the radiation being deadly to everything around.
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