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Originally posted by Osku

Geoff Senior's art is a big appeal though. :\
You saw his Armada cover, yeh? I'd rather have him onboard than Wildman (unless, of course, Baskers was involved). I'd much rather have some different artists, though, rather than a bunch of tired old farts trading on previous reputations - Senior I admire, because he's largely kept out of cashing in at the expense of his reputation. A different writer, rather than the one overworked bloke doing the whole line, would be fun, but I appreciate the talent pool for the budget is small.

Nah, seriously, even with my cynicism (especially with the state of the UK comic industry these days... wonder if Steve White will have stopped being the preachy cock he was when editing KotP) I'm bouncing off the ****ing wall. This is so going on all my fixtures at work. Every single one.

EDIT'd so it's in English :s

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