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Originally posted by snavej
Going back to G1, on which Escalation is based, Megatron's cannon is always referred to as a fusion cannon. IDW's Transformers is not G1. Based on G1, yes, but it's not G1. And it sure as hell ain't DW Transformers (which specificially was the inbetween story of G1's Season 2 and the Movie).

IDW has its own continuity, and things like his cannon being a fusion cannon shouldn't be taken as a given. Not yet anyway (unless it did say somewhere in these comics that it is...then I will retract this statement)
Originally posted by snavej
Those who rely on defensive strategies usually get beaten in the end because the attackers bring in more and more firepower to break the defences. Therefore, although defence is still important, it is most crucial to have offensive weapons and to use them swiftly.
That wasn't what I was saying. I was just saying that your analysis on the destructive force on a transformer's body when trying to dodge a laser was inaccurate. You don't have to dodge the laser, you have to dodge the person shooting the laser.
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