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In order to reliably dodge bullets, lasers, etc., one has to have a reliable method of doing so, such as:
- reading opponents' minds
- seeing the future
- knowing where shots are going to go by making allowance for weapon type, power, state of repair, accuracy, etc.
- knowing the attack patterns of predictable opponents, e.g. Bruticus

Consider the AK-47, which is fairly accurate in rifle mode but a lot less accurate in fully automatic mode. How can one predict the unpredictable machine gun? An AK-47 from factory A could fire differently to one produced in factory B. How does one tell them apart in the heat of battle?

Also consider opponents who are unpredictable, highly intelligent, cunning or insane, or some or all of these. They might choose many different attack patterns in a battle. Only a psychic or electronic mind reader could predict what they will decide to do next.
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