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Titan seem to be trying to do more in the way of comic publishing, they recently snatched the Batman reprint rights from Panini. So if nothing else it should have some wight behind it if it's being pushed as the first part of a comics empire (as opposed to their more usual cut and paste TV tie in Magazines).

Thinking about it, I'd say the cheapest/most likely option for post Prequel/Adaption issues is that they keep the homegrown matterial set in the Movie Universe but fill the rest of the issue with other IDW stuff (presented as a Tales From the Worlds of Transformers! sortta thing perhaps). Certainly if they think there's an older market reading some of the G1esque stuff would be a safe bet.

EDIT: Hopefully Wildman will put some more effort in this time. And Nick Roche! Horah!

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