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Originally posted by Denyer
Plus comics stores generally don't give a toss about attracting another generation of readers.
Only big places bother with stuff avaliable in newsagents... there's not as much to gain. Plus, as you say, it'll be competing with back-issues and the like. Some big comic stores do stock standard newstand stock, but not many - they'd have to set up an account with a wholesaler and the like, which probably isn't profitable for a fistful of titles that are freely avaliable elsewhere - especially seeing as people are likely to go "Oooooh" to something like that on the shelves of Smiths, but have a much wider choice in an FP.

Well, much wider is obviously a bit of an exaggeration, depending on whether you live near a decent FP, or an FP run by a bunch of idiots who think they're Tim Bisley.
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