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Considering all of science fiction, there have been many different varieties of force field. Some let nothing through them at all, some block out only certain specific things and the rest are inbetween. For example, large objects and dangerous things might be blocked while subtle energies and less dangerous things could be let through. Hence, a force field could be tuned to keep in a fusion cannon blast but to allow the light and other radiation to get through. Thus, a person might be spared the full blast but receive enough gamma radiation to kill him/her. The visible light alone would be enough to cause blindness, even in some Transformers.

With regard to the energy needed for the projection of a force field over many miles, this might not be as great as first thought due to the projector having a detailed understanding of quantum entanglement ('spooky action at a distance', which human scientists have recently discovered) and the ability to make use of it. This would allow energetic particles to be teleported via a higher dimension to the points where they were needed. It would be done with similar technology to that used in interstellar drives. Humans have already managed to teleport a few photons across their laboratories.
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