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Originally posted by snavej
The humanoid form is a proven success in body design for intelligent beings. Why not use it for aliens?
Not for aliens from a planet the size of Saturn [In the comics] or seemingly smaller than our Moon [The Cartoon, assuming there's no episode that contradicts The Ultimate Doom]. And considering we only have one species capable of spaceship building on Sol III (I won't say only one inteligent species mind, as there's at least one not even remotely humaniod race thay could make a good argument for being as smart as us if we had a clue what those chirps meant) that's hardly a good representive sample.

Aliens are going to be that- Alien. They'll be more different from us than we are from the common garden slug. And for a species with such a drastically different origin as the Formies have they won't be humanion, or Buzzardoid or even Cassettoid.
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