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Originally posted by Cliffjumper
surely he doesn't just wander around going "BWAHAHAHAHA I will kill you with my SIX MODES!"
Actually, that does seem to be more-or-less the character, apart from the later manga stories where he decides that he wants to "transform" his perception and experience what it's like to be human...

The spotlights are tying in as plot underpinnings for the main arcs, so if there's a story in which Horri-Bull can be bigged up into being relevant in those, no reason not to give him a spotlight. Seems more likely that (like Hound) he'd co-star in someone else's named spotlight issue. That gives the draw of a character having a following, plus some identifiable characterisation to build others up from scratch.

Did think it was a shame most of Hot Rod's team were both non-ents and died.
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