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Is that Cy-Kill (Gobot Renegade Leader) crushed beneath Megatron's boot there...

(Had him when I was a wain... he died a death at the hands of Overlord, if I remember correctly... serious death... not the just in this game kind )

Maybe that's been banded around before - I've not been paying attention to spoilers (art or story) for the Megs Origin series. I'm looking forward to it too much!

I, for one, am very happy to see a Galvatron spotlight coming. And, if it successfully separates him from Megatron, all the better. Maybe everybody would stop hating him quite so much then... I've always though he's got a great unhinged character (definite mental health problems there...).

I do have to say, Hound's Cybertronian mode has an awful lot of Earth Jeep to it, but he's nifty as ever.

I have enjoyed the first four Spotlights (and loved the inclusion of Doubledealer in Hot Rod's, off setting the terribly overdone character who is the focus of the tale...). Six-Shot did still come across like a killing machine though, with maybe just a little remorse and soul searching. But, then, that's what he is, ain't it?

Anyhoo... back to cooking the mince and dumplings...

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