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Originally posted by Denyer
If it is an origin, hopefully it's not a "grab shiny bauble and/or get upgraded" tale like Rodimus in the movie, War Dawn or War Within. I've always liked the idea that he rose on merit.
One of the things I like in the Marvel stuff, even if it is a little spotty... you can lay "State Games", "Boltax" and "Leader" out in order for three snapshots at least. I also liked the (doubtless unintentional) implication that being a Prime doesn't automatically equate to being Autobot leader... the Autobots being a monarchy never quite seemed, well, sensible... what if Longtooth was the chosen one? What'd they do then? Die, that's what. Die horribly and stupidly.

EDIT: Somehow missed the Cy-Kill there. Heh, awesome... wonder if they asked Bandai for permission
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