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My own theory on this is that Transformers have to change their body designs every x-number of years in order to keep up with the arms race. Currently, they are mainly humanoid but in future they might have to turn into a different form, perhaps with sensors and weapons that point in every direction (like a sea urchin with spikes pointing everywhere. We know that they sometimes have to down-size to save energon and become Micromasters, Minicons, Minibots, etc. Also, some of them become giants so that they can gain massive strength and defensive bulk. Some have only one eye while others have compound eyes like insects. I'm pretty sure that they all have much better senses than our own.

I would expect them to make more use of alternate dimensions but they don't seem to be doing so very much. What is stopping them? Maybe there are powerful beings living in those dimensions that keep them out most of the time. Primus and Unicron must have influence in other dimensions. No one wants to risk going up against such god beings.
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