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Originally posted by Cliffjumper
Forgive me for being naive, but surely that's where the writer comes in... We follow that line to the logical conclusion, Sixshot's characterisation is he's evil and has six modes. Haven't read that one yet, but surely he doesn't just wander around going "BWAHAHAHAHA I will kill you with my SIX MODES!". Nightbeat's characterisation outside of the Marvel comic is also pretty generic.
Well, people are more likely to buy solo stories about popular characters. Same reason why Hasbro are more likely to release a new toy that's yet another G1 Grimlock homage, rather than an updated version of Micromaster Whisper. They'll do it occasionally, but the heavy hitters are safer.

And thus, the Spotlight issues will be reserved for more prominent characters first. If the concept proves successful, IDW might try out something more risky (Swerve, Backstreet, Micromaster Tote etc.) by the time the number of their Spotlight issues has long since surpassed two digits.

It'd be commercial suicide to launch the Spotlight lineup with an obscure character who appeared for like five second in a season 3 episode of the cartoon and expect a large audience to be interested in finding out who this guy they never knew before is.
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