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Originally posted by snavej
Who wants to donate money to send Simon Furman on an advanced physics degree course?!
Nobody else actually seems to think a controlled fusion reaction held in arc by force fields is feasible, versus simply using fusion to generate the power for the blast...

they might have to turn into a different form, perhaps with sensors and weapons that point in every direction
There's a very strong chance they've got them, though robot modes may favour focused sensor arrays rather than the spread field ones that would be necessary in vehicle modes. Xref: Megatron in the Joes G2 crossover.

Thankfully Furman's sticking to the NYAFU (Not Yet Another Unicron) deal in the main universe.

And alt-universes are incredibly played-out and cheapening. Along with time-travel, they're what science fiction series reach to when stuck for ideas. (Or in the case of TFUK, a quick way to reconcile increasingly divergent timelines whilst tidying the pieces away afterwards so as not to conflict too much with the US title.)
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