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Originally posted by Denyer
I still like Infiltration a lot, and it got the imagination flowing (for me) -- people who can pick up the whole lot in one go rather than wait six months for issues are in a much better position, though.
Imagination wasn't the problem, nor really was the quality - it's more than so much more could have gone into it if not for the turgid scripting and hackneyed, off-the-shelf humans... Great story/set-up, poor comics. As someone who hasn't read anything since Nightbeat/Stormbringer (I'm testing a theory and holding off until a trade comes out... Not risking spending so much to get such a slow story spoonfed to me over 6-9 months again... if I'm buying a 120~ page graphic novel as I apparently am, I'm going to buy a 120~ page graphic novel and not have to **** around with bags every two minutes), how vital is the Spotlight background to main arcs? Difficult to tell at the moment, or are they really justifying their existence by linking in?
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