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If there is nothing to hold the fusion blast away from Megatron and his allies, then many of them will die simply by being close to the first shot. As was said in earlier posts, this would make the cannon worse than useless - a suicide device. A directed fusion weapon demands some method of protecting the users from the deadly effects. Fair enough, if force fields can't do the job, then something else has to be there instead. For instance, imagine if there is some way of 'programming' the particles in the blast so that they would all move to the target and nowhere else. When they reach a certain distance from the weapon, they would then be allowed to scatter. Don't ask me how it would be done! Let the real experts find a way. Perhaps one of the fans has an even better idea than mine on this topic.

The repeated depiction of the fusion cannon in comics, cartoons, etc. emphasises that Megatron HAS found a way to harness the nuclear forces in this way, in his own continuities. If we can't accept it, which is perfectly understandable given the current state of knowledge in the real world, then we should go back to the beginning and rewrite the stories with a more believable concept. Remember that there are rather a lot of ideas in comics and cartoons that are hard to believe for the rational skeptic. Also remember that science is moving forward quickly right now on our world, so the impossible becomes possible quite often.

With regard to science in stories - many great SF writers have worked hard to get the science right in their works and they are widely regarded as important in their literary field, so I don't see what would be wrong with introducing a little more science into Transformer stories once in a while. We the fandom would surely like to be seen as more than lowbrow, obsessed fantasists! We are bright and in touch with things, are we not? A general interest in new developments is a sign of mental alertness and openness. Of course, there is still a place for the more fantastical elements of the Transformers mythos. The primary purpose of Transformers is entertainment, after all - the original toys and stories were mainly for young children. Not many people thought that Transformers were outstanding educational toys but they did provide inspiration and open our eyes to loads of new ideas.
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