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Default He may not be totaly TRU exclusive

I work at wal-mart, not in the toy dept, but they know me all to well there *L*. I don't know if the toy dept manager was kidding yesterday but he said he had connections w/the vendor and would see what he would do about getting me Scourge. I told him he could feel free to jack the price up $5 and I wouldn't even use my wal-mart discount card. The reason i'm so up in arms to get it at work is because my nearest TRU is almost a 2 hrs drive, and I fear that no matter what time i get there it'll be gone. If this does work maybe everyone can talk to the toy dept manager at their local wal-mart an get Scourge in more places. They really should have made him a wal-mart exclusive NEways, wal-mart is almost everywhere TRU isn't.
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