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Well, going in lengths on about Megatron's "fusion cannon" and it's supposed physical capabilities when,
a.) TF fiction hasn't been all that consistent over the years,
b.) Marvel-verse profiles don't neccesarely apply to IDW-verse TFs.
c.) TF never really bothered with physical accuracy.

Supose that TF would become more consistent and that Megatron truely had a "fusion cannon" and the ability "to tap into the power of a black hole." Then you'd have a character which is litterally a god.

Robots that transform and posses weapons that are seemingly no more powerful than current bombs and tank cannon shells and can be damaged/destroyed by such munitions would be totally helpless against a force that's able to drawn upon a great many times more than the entire Earth's nuclear arsenal.

Megatron would have more power than Unicron ever displayed in the comics and cartoon.

That alone makes the dodgy "fusion cannon" and "black hole tapping" explanations rather moot to begin with.

Balance of power (Humans/Autobots/Decepticons) is more important than physical (non) accuracy, because that's important for storytelling purposes.
Furthermore, if the TFs should be subject to physical accuracy, then the physical accuracy should be subject to power balancing.
In that case, about 90% of the technical abilities inside the Marvel profiles can be discarded, because they,
a.) skew the balance between the individual TFs too much.
b.) make little to no sense from a science point of view.

Therefore, simply for storytelling purposes the current Marvel profiles shouldn't be regarded as canonical material to the letter, because it sets you up for plotholes to the n-th degree if followed religously.

So it's wise to take them with a grain of salt. A handful at that.

Having said that, I'm also not too happy about the inconsistency between weapon power and armoring as seen in IDW TF.
Roller blasting Blitzwing to pulp, when Ratchet can take a shot in the chest, irks me.
Prime (& Roller) and Megatron are IMHO too invincable compared to 'normal' TFs.
I it puts me out of the story to see them being on a different level while they look similar to other TFs, implying similar damage dealing and taking potential.
It's okay for them to be better than others, like an F-22 can beat an Su-27, but as it stands it's like Yak-3s vs. F-22s...

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