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Originally posted by Denyer
This is just America, yeah?
No, the abbreviation "US" is just my zany sense of humour... And you know I'm bad at HTML... If Dreamweaver's clean up HTML thingy doesn't fix it, it don't get fixed

@ Nevermore:

All fixed, 'cept: -

Red Bumblebee/yellow Cliffjumper variants continued into the 1985 assortment with rubsigns.
Bit too specific for this 'un S'meant a bit more as a "My First Transformers Checklist" (or, for board use, a "Transformers carried on after the cartoon, idiot" checklist...) rather than anything advanced

If wanted, a G2 one can follow, I think I'm just about up to that... Maybe the Euro G1.5 stuff as well.

@ Optimusskids:

Blaster thing fixed. That's having a hack whose main skills are Ctrl+C, Crtl+V, try to remember to edit for ya Both alt modes are in - a quick scan of Wikipedia seems to agree

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