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Originally posted by Denyer
How many pre-G2 UK/Euro exclusives are there other than the deluxe Actionmasters and Classic Hero lines? (And that whole mess of crossover between original line and G2 over here.)
Hmmm... Turbomasters/Predators'd be in there, as would the Motorvators, Clench & Pyro, Two Thirds Of Leokaiser We Aren't Even Going To Bother Naming (hey, they're as exclusive as Minerva was to Japan), Overlord (well, America didn't get him...) then I think it'd be "Was it G2" stuff like the Power Masters. That's mainly off the top of my head, I'd probably have a vague stab at research before actually doing the thing. It probably pans out, with the Classics, as a couple of fairly "full" years. Merging it in might be more of an option, but you know what American fans can be like sometimes.

Might be worth noting the figures that very specifically only got a US mainline release, such as Swoop.
Yup, if someone can positively which ones did - IIRC, Gigi in Italy released a whole stack of stuff the rest of Europe didn't get, which meant not a huge amount got skipped in all of Europe, and I don't want to get into "The UK got him, Germany didn't, France got four and he came out as part of G2 in Holland with extra bombs" stuff.

Plus stuff just seems to have crossed the channel, even then... I picked up the four Autobot tapes around Classics era in John Menzies, and I'm damned if I could ever find a logical explanation, as what I read (albeit five years ago) they didn't come out in the UK in '86 or the 1990s... Same thing cropped up doing the Gobot checklist - a lot of stuff that was apparently US exclusive seems to have seeped across in significant numbers (Sparky, for instance, was apparently American exclusive, but you can't swing a cat without finding UK-based examples for sale on ebay...).

I could do a similarly simple Japanese one too, but that'd definitely need a severe proof-read from people Who Know What The Fu*k They're On About And Aren't Just Winging It (i.e. people who aren't me).

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