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Originally posted by Cliffjumper
Yup, if someone can positively which ones did
I was thinking more of just the notables (eg, the ones people bothered to write into letter columns and complain about not getting released. Major omissions, where a member of a team was dropped or the "opposite faction equivalent" got canned.)

There were certainly lots of stores who just imported stock, with all the overlap with US releases and stuff like Diaclone that entailed -- Menzies had US suppliers for comics as well, that was the first time I saw Joes/G2 stuff.

For main focus, I think it's fair enough to stick to things we know and mark it as such. If people want to then contribute lists for other countries, that's great.

"Was it G2" is a ****ing sod, resisting attempts to approach the information from a database perspective and making a mockery of the directory hierarchy systems of places such as
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