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@ Civ: D'oh! Cheers... there are probably a few like that in there.

Originally posted by Denyer
I was thinking more of just the notables (eg, the ones people bothered to write into letter columns and complain about not getting released. Major omissions, where a member of a team was dropped or the "opposite faction equivalent" got canned.)
I'll pour through the issues, but it's not really the most scientific method... It only covers the UK for one (Italy, for example, got the Predacons I believe). Off the top of my head it's Shockwave, Swoop, Sky Lynx, the Autobot Cassettes, the Predacons, the Deluxe Whatevers, any mailaways, Fort Max (?), a few of the Pretenders (I think the ones that disappear after the comic intro - Splashdown and them). Got greys on people like Perceptor, Blaster, Ratbat and Omega. Other problem is that useful information from the comics letters page just stops when The Dreadwind Pissing And Bitching Page kicks in and Marvel decide alienating the readers is a damn good move...

There were certainly lots of stores who just imported stock, with all the overlap with US releases and stuff like Diaclone that entailed -- Menzies had US suppliers for comics as well, that was the first time I saw Joes/G2 stuff.
Uh-huh... I'd go for making a more veriable source (either packaging images, of which I have a ****-load saved for when I tried working on a list for TFDB [it did my head in, I didn't update for six months and stopped paying for hosting, for the record...], or something like Fred's list). It just muddies the whole thing...

Was it just me, though, or did a whole bunch of Minibots (Bumblebee, Hubcap, Seaspray, Beachcomber, maybe more) get a full, proper re-release in the UK in around 91/92? OTTOMH on original cards, but I remember getting the first three in Woolies, and lots of people in school doing the same... would Woolies have been buying in five year old American stock?

For main focus, I think it's fair enough to stick to things we know and mark it as such. If people want to then contribute lists for other countries, that's great.
Okely-dokely... though US G2 is probably next on my list of things to do (though cobbling together my own update's jostling around there). G2's awesome. And fairly short and straightforward. And I can remember most of their names off-hand. But I'll have a crack at a UK list some time soon, unless anyone gets to it before me - in which case they'd probably do a better job.

"Was it G2" is a ****ing sod, resisting attempts to approach the information from a database perspective and making a mockery of the directory hierarchy systems of places such as
Yeh... I found the format I chose fairly inhibitive at times for the simple US line (nearly tore my hair out when it clicked Action Masters don't have an alternate mode... fudged it).
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