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Erm...Trypticon also wasn't a "Grey/purple cannon/laser pistol". [/another annoying nitpick] Also for Tryps, I believe that Motormaster and Brawl's base modes could connect to Trypticon's city mode.

Also, I noticed you denoted leaders of the combiner teams and Dinobots. Was Scrapper the leader for the Constructicons?

Also, would this list also note that Soundwave and Blaster had opening chest doors to fit their cassettees? Like how Shockwave's note says, "features light and sound," I was wondering if those two who say...I dunno..."opening chest door feature".

As a note for Sixshot that might be interesting, weren't the instructions for the toy taped up in order to challenge the owner to figure out how to transform him into his six modes or was that just with the reissue.

Also, does this guy have a place on that list anywhere? He's a 1991 but a repaint of Actionmaster Wheeljack:
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