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Very nice list, Cliffjumper! A lot of Micromasters I'd never even heard of, at least by name... It looks like it took a fair amount of work.

Yeah, Scrapper the toy never was listed as leader. And while I don't have Grimlock's tech spec - got the figure second-hand -(though TFA does have a scan, doesn't it?), the Marvel Transformers Universe profile does list his function as "Dinobot Commander".

A couple of other little things I noticed:

When I first read Omega Supreme noted as a train, I thought it was an error, until I remembered the track. I suppose "tank which runs on its own oval track" is kind of cumbersome...

Rampage is orange and red, with a little yellow (very little black to speak of. EDIT: In robot mode; it's true that the cat mode legs are black - so hidden in robot mode I'd nearly forgotten).

Also, Goldbug, contrary to the comic depiction, really is golden, with a navy blue head.

And, the 1987 Targetmasters are all listed as having "Headmaster" partners.

Again, nice work, man - a very useful, straightforward reference!

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