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Originally posted by Denyer
It'd be interesting if the book did contain Furman's shot at drawing TFs following the art instructions...
That would indeed be very funny (if Furman could draw, he'd have drawn his own stuff by now ). I am very curious as to what possible involvement he can have, especially deserving cover credit.

I'll have to scan my hilarious attempt to follow the first Blackthorne one (note to idiots selling scan CDs on ebay... there were four ****ing issues, just because you've only been able to thieve scans of one does not make it "The How to Draw Transformers Special") sometime...

Oh, talking of which, do you know whether those TF in 3D #3 scans are still online? I never got round to looking at them at the time, and now I have it seems the WinRAR file is corrupted
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