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In the third grade I met a kid who came from South Africa. We talked about airwolf. Got any Airwolf fans there now?
I was going to mention Airwolf in my last post, but that would just be
too typical. They love it over here. They love it like the British of my generation love Roland Rat and Look-In. You see, (OFF TOPIC) on Friday nights, they would have the Action slot for the whole family to flip out too. Friday night was a pinata of a timeslot. Once it was smashed right open, anything could spill out. Sometimes it was the A-Team. Sometimes it was Knight Rider. Sometimes it was Airwolf. There were others. They repeat these shows endlessly to this day. We only have four free channels, and two of them are entirely English. It's weird to see ALF in Zulu.

You can pretty much tell the difference between the people who reckoned The A-Team was the best Friday night entertainment from the people who thought the same of Airwolf. It's the way they stand, the way they dress.

It's not their fault. They only got television in 1975. Facist government and all that.

But yeah! Protect! Destroy! Seems more tied in to the game than the movie, but I'm looking forward to the game more anyway.
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