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Surely classic New Avengers roster is something of an oxymoron? Sadly, the choice of the current line-up of big-name movie-in-development types probably means this will be more of a ****stain than if they'd gone with the older, interesting line-up, as no-one can get made to look pointless if Sony have an option on their picture. There's also absolutely no sign this will be thought through any more than any other worthless, go-nowhere crossover (OMG?!?! WHO WILL SIDE WIF DA DECEPTERCONS? D00M? KANG? LOL!!! Because obviously if the Autobots and Avengers help each other out, Megatron will just be forced to recruit The Melter and Moses Magnum - it's going to be like the GI Joe crossovers, but with extra money for publishers). Which came first, the cover variants or the story?

It's a fantastic sign than the artist and writer not only have work I've never heard of as their reference, but also that they come in the paragraph below super-star cover artists like Tom "Chunky Fingers" Raney. I'm elated by this press release, as any miniscule chance I might have accidentally bought this car-crash of a comic has been obliterated. I can buy something better instead, like guns for the Stacks I have and hate, or just extra cigarettes to shorten my life so there's less time for me to accidentally buy copies of Transformers/Fake Avengers.

Once again I find myself asking why this story needs to happen. And coming up with nothing but a big wodge of cash for Marvel and IDW. Which is kinda fair enough, as long as they don't try to pretend it's going to be a really good comic.

Bets on which TF gets taken down by Cap's shield?

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