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You mean Verity didn't look stupid before the brainfart to (possibly; to be fair it's just mentioned it will use their G1 characters, not necessarily their continuity) set this rubbish in the same universe? Still, have trust in Stuart Moore, he wrote Wolverine #41 so he's got be be pretty good, they don't let just anyone write an X-book, they have to be a quality writer like Chuck Austen, Ben Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaab or that second Chris Claremont.

The Book

6-4 Megatron (in unison with Optimus Prime punching Megatron in the face; probably in front of an American flag, and avaliable in poster form and on 48 of the 62 variants of the final issue)
3-1 Starscream
5-1 Megatron
6-1 Soundwave
8-1 A cassette
10-1 Thundercracker, Skywarp
12-1 Someone the sort of idiots this is pitched at won't recognise, who they can kill without any backlash (see Trailbreaker, Hound, DD GI Joe/TF Vol. 1)
15-1 An Autobot, in the obligatory scenes where the good guys don't trust each other that make up the first half of all crossovers so they can pad a 22-page story out to six issues.
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