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Originally posted by Zisteau
Does anyone know if the orange bit added on will be easy to remove? If its a permanent fixture I won't be getting one, If I can mod if off, I will definitely get one.
It'll be illegal to remove it, that much is definite. I don't see all the big fuss over a small piece of orange plastic anyways, if it bothers you that much why not just buy a gun-metal coloured paint and have at it?!

As for the price, by that receipt, whoever bought it paid 15998 JPY which works out as 68.98 GBP / 135.77 USD. HobbyLinkJapan were selling him at 9800 JPY (42.25 GBP / 83.17 USD) so even with shipping to the UK it worked out at 13500 JPY (58.21 GBP / 114.57 USD).

Mental note, NEVER go into a TRU in Japan.
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