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Default 20 set pieces and 150 min runtime.

From Dark Horizons...

"Collider spoke to Shia LaBeouf at the "Disturbia" press junket the other day and he revealed some juicy "Transformers" bits:

"It's going to be long. He's going to give you a lot. You've got 20 set pieces. You like at Spider-Man and it had five big action sequences -- five set pieces. We have 20, and you've got to get storyline in, you've got to get the narrative in -- so a lot of explanation."

Indeed, so how long will this opus be? "You can't just have robots fighting for no reason. You've got to explain it. The movies going to run, I think, about two and a half," and adds that reps from FX company ILM told him "they'd never worked on anything like this."
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