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Yeh, that's a Hell of a simplification, isn't it? I mean, there's more than a grain of truth, and the number of TF fans (as in ones who post on boards and the like) who won't, say, buy at least one ticket is probably very small - I mean, most people are going to want to be able to slag the thing with authority, at least, simply to cut off the "Come back and slate the thing when you've seen it" line of defence... Can't see that applying too much to the toyline, TPB... by the time we've actually got the movie, people are going to have seen so many bloody shots of Movie Op that they feel like they own the thing anyway, which means the curiosity market for something like that will be much smaller (mind, I expect few of us will escape them for birthday/Xmas presents...), but I can't imagine Hasbro putting it like that - more something like the fanbase will remain largely loyal despite the changes (exec cites success of various reboots down the years, most dismissed as sacrilege by vocal minority who didn't put much of a dent in overall sales).

What am I on about?
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