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Extended Cuts are scenes filmed after it was already finished with post production and hitting theatres. Director's Cuts are things already filmed and removed in Post Production/editing. The Extended sequences were being filmed as the Fellowship was just hitting theatres as I recall. Extra stuff that they decided would be cool to have that weren't as important for the theatrical release but had the budget left over after the initial screening to do. Having the Extended Sequences in the Theaterical version would have meant another 6 months to a year on each movie's release.

20 action sets! That is great. Bay claimed 12 huge sets over on his form So does this mean 12 huge action sets and 8 smaller action sets? 2.5 hours seems fine by me. I prefer the 2+ hour range for movies that are well done. If it takes drawing out to hit that, forget it. If this gives us over an hour and a half of action and still leaves room for solid storytelling then I am all for it.
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