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This whole thing sounds reasonable since I like long movies! '~' I want to make a film some day and it will have no story! Here is a cut from the script I'm working on:

Squad of good, fights sqaud of bad.

lots of cool stunts like: Jump form window of one building land in other and kill more enemies, or put grenade in desk and kick it cornering bad guys the grenade blows up. OR jump onto rope on helecopter thats letting enemys down and blow helecopter up jump off and land in window of building kicking enemy.

That would be cool... Alrigh'

Anyways so yeah, I think the TFTM sounds a nice length giving by that. I will DEFINETLY see it! ( BUT I made that desision long ago)

I think they should have a double show thing where we see the '07 movie then the '86 one. That would be cool (As I never had a chance to see the old one in theatres!)
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