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One with the Matrix

Originally posted by Brimstone
It's not just semantics (at least not in this case). A Director's Cut is supposed to be a version of the film that the director believes is the definative version...the one the "studio" wouldn't let him make for one reason or another.

An Extended Cut, at least in this instance, was more like a bonus for the fans. Here's some stuff that really didn't need to be in the movie...but it's cool anyway and some of you fans out there will love it.
One example of the new Directors Cut of Payback.

The director filmed the film and the studio execs didnt like it so they got his 2nd director in (from what i can remember) and he refilmed 30% of the film, with different stuff, new bad guy etc.

Now there are new studio execs and theyve given the original director the chance to go back and edit HIS film, and its being released.

I find thats a good example of a directors cut.
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