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You know, I've been thinking, and seeing as I'll probably be getting this set, it kind of makes me glad I wasn't able to track down Classics Jetfire, provided he's used for Dreadwind.

The seekers are probably the only case, where I would buy so many incarnations of a mold, since they're unique characters, and have been established as a unit, from the beginning, for the most part.

As far as Bug Bite goes, the Bumblebee/Cliffjuper mold is hella tight, so I don't mind owning another version, especially if the tie-in comic tells a good story. Which reminds me, I still need to pick up the Beast Wars comic from last year's convention . . .

Been thinking about the attendee extras, and someone mentioned Sunstorm, which seems like something Hasbro would highly approve (they like that guy a little too much). Nemesis Prime would be a good candidate, as well, but with how nigh-impossible it is to track down last year's Megatron, I'm hoping they don't, since that's the best Prime mold, and of all the Evil Primes, that'd be a must-have.

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