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Originally posted by Denyer
The robot CGI looks insubstantial to me... more like good game graphics than real metal and blended with the scene. I don't think the tech is really there yet to quite pull this off... it works fine when you want an entire background that's moved past quickly (eg, Swordfish, the city scenes) but less is more -- concentrate directly on the graphics and it's very difficult to not notice light and reflections not being quite right, or being too mathematically precise.
I think the staticality (yes, I'm making up words) of the image doesn't help much. Overall effect will probably be a lot more plausible when in motion. They've also got at least another couple of months before release... I doubt that any images that have been released are quite the "finished" product yet... it's the sort of thing that I dare say they'll be tweaking for as long as they can get away with it.

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