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Originally posted by Denyer
Going back to this -- I doubt it. I expect some Classics moulds will be reused at retail, say, sometime within the next three years. This just makes it less likely Hasbro themselves will do a Thundercracker.
Okay. Think for a moment you are Hasbro. You are in control of Transformers operations in North America. You are in charge of the Classics line. Now Brian Savage of Fun Publications, who has acquired the license for the official convention and associated exclusive toys from you, asks you for permission to release a redeco of the Classics Starscream mold, as the Thundercracker character, as a BotCon exclusive.

Now let's assume you have plans to release a Classics Thundercracker toy on your own. Would you tell Brian Savage, "Sure, go ahead! To hell with mass distribution and larger profit margins! Take the exclusive and relieve us of the chance of making more money from this toy!"?
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