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Long answer - Notabot nailed it. Basically, I reckon three potential promotion angles on this issue:

1) Highlight the action, and clean up every action frame in the movie on the off chance it gets picked for promo, costing a fortune;

2) Use what they have and highlight the CGI quality using photos of Bumblebee looking emotional, boring the outsiders they're trying to snare;

3) Use what they have and highlight the action using not-exactly-perfect stills from fight scenes, and hope nobody complains.

So naturally they don't want their CGI to look cheap, but it's the cheapest option that'll still keep people interested. [EDIT: Of course, if it was Yahoo's pick, they still could only choose from the footage the studio gave them, so there's no sense in claiming it wasn't at least partially intentional to take this direction with promo.]

If this thread's (where we have one skeptic out of about a dozen commenters) representative of the overall community, I'd say they picked the right angle.

Short answer - *shrug* I really don't think it looks that bad, and it'll look better in motion, even when they're just standing around.
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