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Originally posted by TFVanguard
Most, if not all, of the movie characters get multiple-price point and gimmick toys. I don't know why Hasbro is insisting on this, 'cause it never works...
It will allow you got get better scaled versions of the toys, at least. Get the cars in Delux, the military vehicles in Voyager.

Wait, isn't there a third size? (aside from the little ones?) Actually, that might be kind of cool to get a Scorpinok and Frenzy as one of the mini-con sized toys.
Originally posted by Knightdramon
Yup, the sadist bot.
Yeah, I checked it last night, I bet that's supposed to be this Swindle (interesting name choice, but ah well). So, the question I've been having though is I don't understand why all the Decepticons in the comic have this Shockwave homage going on. I can understand it with the Seekers (since they're all kind of clone-drones) but why Swindle and whoever that other Skids-esque looking Decepticon have those heads? What makes Barricade and Brawl (which I think were the only other Decepticons besides Megatron to be seen in the comic...but only in sillouette) special? Why do they get normal heads? And the Autobots...they all had normal heads too.


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