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I think I liked the dark blue scheme better, but overall it was an improvement. Wasn't his shoulder pads supposed t be blue with red flames though? (instead of all red)

There other two things I didn't like about this mold. One is the "truck on my back thing". Also, it's kind of disappointing that the windows on his chest are not the actual truck windows, that is kind of lame. This sort of trick has been used in multiple prime incarnations, and it's always a disappointment (e.g.: rid prime, laser rod prime, etc)

I guess if the truck's windows can't be on his chest for whatever reason, then for Christ's sake give him a different chest (like they did with armada prime, for example). A similar trick has been used with MP Prime and also with classics prime (voyager), where the grill on the robot's crotch is not the actual grill on the front of the truck, I thought that was pretty frustrating, and degraded otherwise great molds.

Because of these two little details, it seems like voyager prime's transformation is completely different from leader prime's, and also different from the actual movie transformation. Nevertheless, it's a great mold. I guess I'll end up buying both voyager and leader primes, because voyager prime has a more accurate silhouette, and leader prime has a more accurate transformation and paint scheme.

Also, voyager class is on a scale closer to the other autobots, whereas movie prime is a lot more detailed, but too big to be displayed with them. I guess I'll have voyager class close to the rest of the movie toys on the shelf, and leader prime next to MP-04.
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